Articles | Volume 2, issue 1
Research article
23 May 2017
Research article |  | 23 May 2017

Lidar-based wake tracking for closed-loop wind farm control

Steffen Raach, David Schlipf, and Po Wen Cheng

Abstract. This work presents two advancements towards closed-loop wake redirection of a wind turbine. First, a model-based wake-tracking approach is presented, which uses a nacelle-based lidar system facing downwind to obtain information about the wake. The method uses a reduced-order wake model to track the wake. The wake tracking is demonstrated with lidar measurement data from an offshore campaign and with simulated lidar data from a simulation with the Simulator fOr Wind Farm Applications (SOWFA). Second, a controller for closed-loop wake steering is presented. It uses the wake-tracking information to set the yaw actuator of the wind turbine to redirect the wake to a desired position. Altogether, the two approaches enable a closed-loop wake redirection.

Short summary
This work provides a possible solution to closed-loop flow control in a wind farm. The remote sensing technology, lidar, which is a laser-based measurement system, is used to obtain wind speed information behind a wind turbine. The measurements are processed using a model-based approach to estimate position information of the wake. The information is then used in a controller to redirect the wake to the desired position. Altogether, the concept aims to increase the power output of a wind farm.
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