Articles | Volume 2, issue 2
Brief communication
22 Aug 2017
Brief communication |  | 22 Aug 2017

Brief communication: On the influence of vertical wind shear on the combined power output of two model wind turbines in yaw

Jannik Schottler, Agnieszka Hölling, Joachim Peinke, and Michael Hölling

Abstract. The effect of vertical wind shear on the total power output of two aligned model wind turbines as a function of yaw misalignment of the upstream turbine is studied experimentally. It is shown that asymmetries of the power output of the downstream turbine and the combined power of both with respect to the upstream turbine's yaw misalignment angle can be linked to the vertical wind shear of the inflow.

Short summary
Recently, the concept of intentional derating of single wind turbines in order to increase the energy yield of a wind farm has been studied intensively. Although the potential seems promising, the effects of atmospheric conditions need to be understood in greater detail. This study shows a strong influence of vertical velocity gradients on the power output of two model wind turbines, whereas the upstream turbine is derated by an intentional misalignment of the rotor and the inflow.
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