Articles | Volume 5, issue 1
Research article
20 Jan 2020
Research article |  | 20 Jan 2020

The effect of wind direction shear on turbine performance in a wind farm in central Iowa

Miguel Sanchez Gomez and Julie K. Lundquist

Data sets

Data necessary to recreate lidar figures and analysis from Wind Energy Science article "The effect of wind direction shear on turbine performance" M. Sanchez Gomez and J. K. Lundquist

Short summary
Wind turbine performance depends on various atmospheric conditions. We quantified the effect of the change in wind direction and speed with height (direction and speed wind shear) on turbine power at a wind farm in Iowa. Turbine performance was affected during large direction shear and small speed shear conditions and favored for the opposite scenarios. These effects make direction shear significant when analyzing the influence of different atmospheric variables on turbine operation.
Final-revised paper