Articles | Volume 9, issue 1
Research article
18 Jan 2024
Research article |  | 18 Jan 2024

Breakdown of the velocity and turbulence in the wake of a wind turbine – Part 2: Analytical modelling

Erwan Jézéquel, Frédéric Blondel, and Valéry Masson

Data sets

Figures data from papers "Breakdown of the velocity and turbulence in the wake of a wind turbine", parts 1 and 2 E. Jézéquel

SIMU ATMO E. Jézéquel

Model code and software

Implementation of the analytical model deduced from the velocity and turbulence breakdown E. Jézéquel and F. Blondel

Short summary
Analytical models allow us to quickly compute the decreased power output and lifetime induced by wakes in a wind farm. This is achieved by evaluating the modified velocity and turbulence in the wake. In this work, we present a new model based on the velocity and turbulence breakdowns presented in Part 1. This new model is physically based, allows us to compute the whole turbulence profile (rather than the maximum value) and is built to take atmospheric stability into account.
Final-revised paper