Articles | Volume 3, issue 2
Research article
24 Sep 2018
Research article |  | 24 Sep 2018

Interannual variability of wind climates and wind turbine annual energy production

Sara C. Pryor, Tristan J. Shepherd, and Rebecca J. Barthelmie

Data sets

WRF output. Resolution: 12 km. Domain: Eastern North America S. C. Pryor, R. J. Barthelmie, and T. J. Shepherd

Short summary
The interannual variability (IAV) of annual energy production (AEP) from wind turbines due to IAV in wind speeds from proposed wind farms plays a key role in dictating project financing but is only poorly constrained. This study provides improved quantification of IAV over eastern N. America using purpose-performed long-term numerical simulations. It may be appropriate to reduce the IAV applied to preconstruction AEP estimates, which would decrease the cost of capital for wind farm developments.