Articles | Volume 6, issue 6
Research article
30 Nov 2021
Research article |  | 30 Nov 2021

The 3 km Norwegian reanalysis (NORA3) – a validation of offshore wind resources in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea

Ida Marie Solbrekke, Asgeir Sorteberg, and Hilde Haakenstad

Data sets

Observations, Norwegian Meteorological Institute NORSK Klimaservicesenter

FINO1 data Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie

NORA3 data Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Short summary
We validate new high-resolution data set (NORA3) for offshore wind power purposes for the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. The aim of the validation is to ensure that NORA3 can act as a wind resource data set in the planning phase for future offshore wind power installations in the area of concern. The general conclusion of the validation is that NORA3 is well suited for wind power estimates but gives slightly conservative estimates of the offshore wind metrics.
Final-revised paper