Articles | Volume 7, issue 6
Review article
08 Nov 2022
Review article |  | 08 Nov 2022

Research challenges and needs for the deployment of wind energy in hilly and mountainous regions

Andrew Clifton, Sarah Barber, Alexander Stökl, Helmut Frank, and Timo Karlsson

Data sets

Survey of Correction Techniques for Remote Sensing Devices in Complex Flow A. Black, P. Mazoyer, S. Wylie, M. Debnath, A. Lammers, T. Spalding, and R. Schultz

e-WindLidar: making wind lidar data FAIR N. Vasiljevic, T. Klaas, L. Pauscher, J. C. Lopes, D. F. Gomes, R. Abreuand, and L. M. Bardal

Model code and software

The Pragmatic Choice of Wind Model in Complex Terrain - Decision Tool Development S. Barber, A. Schubiger, S. Koller, A. Rumpf, and H. Knaus

IEA-Task-43/digital_wra_data_standard: 0.1.1-2021.04 S. Holleran, F. Roscheck, J. Fields, G. Kersting, A. Bohara, M. Purdue, and J. Lee

Short summary
The transition to low-carbon sources of energy means that wind turbines will need to be built in hilly or mountainous regions or in places affected by icing. These locations are called complex and are hard to develop. This paper sets out the research and development (R&D) needed to make it easier and cheaper to harness wind energy there. This includes collaborative R&D facilities, improved wind and weather models, frameworks for sharing data, and a clear definition of site complexity.
Final-revised paper