Articles | Volume 7, issue 2
Wind Energ. Sci., 7, 697–713, 2022
Wind Energ. Sci., 7, 697–713, 2022
Research article
25 Mar 2022
Research article | 25 Mar 2022

A simplified, efficient approach to hybrid wind and solar plant site optimization

Charles Tripp et al.

Data sets

Overview and Meteorological Validation of the Wind Integration National Dataset Toolkit C. Draxl, B. Hodge, A. Clifton, and J. McCaa

Model code and software

Hybrid Optimization and Performance Platform (HOPP) D. Guittet, C. Tripp, J. King, A. Barker, M. Boyd, B. Hamilton, and M. Rossol

System Advisor Model (SAM) General Description (Version 2017.9.5) N. J. Blair, N. A. DiOrio, J. M. Freeman, P. Gilman, S. Janzou, T. W. Neises, and M. J. Wagner

Short summary
Hybrid solar and wind plant layout optimization is a difficult, complex problem. In this paper, we propose a parameterized approach to wind and solar hybrid power plant layout optimization that greatly reduces problem dimensionality while guaranteeing that the generated layouts have a desirable regular structure. We demonstrate that this layout method that generates high-performance, regular layouts which respect hard constraints (e.g., placement restrictions).