Articles | Volume 8, issue 8
Research article
24 Aug 2023
Research article |  | 24 Aug 2023

Assessing lidar-assisted feedforward and multivariable feedback controls for large floating wind turbines

Feng Guo and David Schlipf

Data sets

IEAWindTask37/IEA-15-240-RWT: v1.1.6: HAWC2 monopile, VolturnUS-S CAD model Garrett Barter, Pietro Bortolotti, Evan Gaertner, Nikhar J. Abbas, dzalkind, Jenni Rinker, Frederik Zahle, T-Wainwright, E. Branlard, Lu Wang, Luis A. Padrón, and Matt Hall

Model code and software

MSCA-LIKE/OpenFAST3.0_Lidarsim: Open-FAST3.0_Lidarsim (OpenFAST3.0_Lidarsim_v1) fengguoFUAS

MSCA-LIKE/4D-Mann-Turbulence-Generator: 4D-Mann-Turbulence-Generator (4D_MannTurbulence_v1) fengguoFUAS

MSCA-LIKE/Baseline-Lidar-assisted-Controller: Baseline-Lidar-assisted-Controller (Baseline-Lidar-assisted-Controllerv_1) fengguoFUAS

Short summary
This paper assesses lidar-assisted collective pitch feedforward (LACPF) and multi-variable feedback (MVFB) controls for the IEA 15.0 MW reference turbine. The main contributions of this work include (a) optimizing a four-beam pulsed lidar for a large turbine, (b) optimal tuning of speed regulation gains and platform feedback gains for the MVFB and LACPF controllers, and (c) assessing the benefits of the two control strategies using realistic offshore turbulence spectral characteristics.
Final-revised paper