Articles | Volume 9, issue 3
Research article
04 Mar 2024
Research article |  | 04 Mar 2024

Measurement-driven large-eddy simulations of a diurnal cycle during a wake-steering field campaign

Eliot Quon

Model code and software

Simulator fOr Wind Farm Applications M. Churchfield et al.

OpenFAST version 2.4.0 B. Jonkman et al.

NREL's Reference OpenSource Controller (ROSCO) toolbox for wind turbine applications, version 2.0.2 N. Abbas et al.

FLORIS Wake Modeling and Wind Farm Controls Software, version 2.0.0 R. Mudafort et al.

Short summary
Engineering models used to design wind farms generally do not account for realistic atmospheric conditions that can rapidly evolve from minute to minute. This paper uses a first-principles simulation technique to predict the performance of five wind turbines during a wind farm control experiment. Challenges included limited observations and atypical conditions. The simulation accurately predicts the aerodynamics of a turbine when it is situated partially within the wake of an upstream turbine.
Final-revised paper