Articles | Volume 8, issue 2
Research article
09 Feb 2023
Research article |  | 09 Feb 2023

Evaluation of lidar-assisted wind turbine control under various turbulence characteristics

Feng Guo, David Schlipf, and Po Wen Cheng

Model code and software

MSCA-LIKE/OpenFAST3.0_Lidarsim: OpenFAST3.0_Lidarsim (OpenFAST3.0_Lidarsim_v1) fengguoFUAS

MSCA-LIKE/4D-Mann-Turbulence-Generator: 4D-Mann-Turbulence-Generator (4D_MannTurbulence_v1) fengguoFUAS

MSCA-LIKE/Baseline-Lidar-assisted-Controller: Baseline-Lidar-assisted-Controller (Baseline-Lidar-assisted-Controllerv_1) fengguoFUAS

Short summary
The benefits of lidar-assisted control are evaluated using both the Mann model and Kaimal model-based 4D turbulence, considering the variation of turbulence parameters. Simulations are performed for the above-rated mean wind speed, using the NREL 5.0 MW reference wind turbine and a four-beam lidar system. Using lidar-assisted control reduces the variations in rotor speed, pitch rate, tower base fore–aft bending moment, and electrical power significantly.
Final-revised paper