Articles | Volume 9, issue 4
Research article
24 Apr 2024
Research article |  | 24 Apr 2024

Experimental validation of a short-term damping estimation method for wind turbines in nonstationary operating conditions

Kristian Ladefoged Ebbehøj, Philippe Jacques Couturier, Lars Morten Sørensen, and Jon Juel Thomsen

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Thematic area: Dynamics and control | Topic: Dynamics and aeroservoelasticity
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This paper experimentally validates a novel method for characterizing wind turbine dynamics based on vibration measurements. The dynamics of wind turbines can change over short time periods if the operational conditions change. In such cases, conventional methods are inadequate. The validation is performed with a controlled laboratory experiment and a full-scale wind turbine test. More accurate characterization could lead to more efficient wind turbine designs and in turn cheaper wind energy.
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