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Research article
05 Mar 2021
Research article |  | 05 Mar 2021

Condition monitoring of roller bearings using acoustic emission

Daniel Cornel, Francisco Gutiérrez Guzmán, Georg Jacobs, and Stephan Neumann

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Regression-based Main Bearing Load Estimation
Amin Loriemi, Georg Jacobs, Vitali Züch, Timm Jakobs, and Dennis Bosse
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss.,,, 2023
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Wind Energ. Sci., 7, 387–411,,, 2022
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Aeroelastic response of a multi-megawatt upwind horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) based on fluid–structure interaction simulation
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Alessandro Fontanella, Mees Al, Jan-Willem van Wingerden, and Marco Belloli
Wind Energ. Sci., 6, 885–901,,, 2021
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Roller bearing failures in wind turbines' gearboxes lead to long downtimes and high repair costs. This paper should form a basis for the implementation of a predictive maintenance system. Therefore an acoustic-emission-based condition monitoring system is applied to roller bearing test rigs. The system has shown that a damaged surface can be detected at least ~ 4 % (8 h, regarding the time to failure) and possibly up to ~ 50 % (130 h) earlier than by using the vibration-based system.