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Research article
12 Sep 2023
Research article |  | 12 Sep 2023

Towards smart blades for vertical axis wind turbines: different airfoil shapes and tip speed ratios

Mohammad Rasoul Tirandaz, Abdolrahim Rezaeiha, and Daniel Micallef

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Thematic area: Fluid mechanics | Topic: Wind turbine aerodynamics
Development and application of a mesh generator intended for unsteady vortex-lattice method simulations of wind turbines and wind farms
Bruno A. Roccia, Luis R. Ceballos, Marcos L. Verstraete, and Cristian G. Gebhardt
Wind Energ. Sci., 9, 385–416,,, 2024
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An experimental study on the aerodynamic loads of a floating offshore wind turbine under imposed motions
Federico Taruffi, Felipe Novais, and Axelle Viré
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Developing a digital twin framework for wind tunnel testing: validation of turbulent inflow and airfoil load applications
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Influence of rotor blade flexibility on the near-wake behavior of the NREL 5 MW wind turbine
Leo Höning, Laura J. Lukassen, Bernhard Stoevesandt, and Iván Herráez
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Field-data-based validation of an aero-servo-elastic solver for high-fidelity large-eddy simulations of industrial wind turbines
Etienne Muller, Simone Gremmo, Félix Houtin-Mongrolle, Bastien Duboc, and Pierre Bénard
Wind Energ. Sci., 9, 25–48,,, 2024
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Vertical axis wind turbines experience a variation of torque and power throughout their rotation. Traditional non-morphing blades are intrinsically not able to respond to this variation, resulting in a turbine which has suboptimal performance. In principle, it is possible to have a morphing blade that adapts to the blade's rotation and changes its geometry in such a way as to optimise the performance of the turbine. This paper addresses the question of how such blade should morph as it rotates.
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