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15 Jun 2017
Research article |  | 15 Jun 2017

Joukowsky actuator disc momentum theory

Gijs A. M. van Kuik

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On the velocity at wind turbine and propeller actuator discs
Gijs A. M. van Kuik
Wind Energ. Sci., 5, 855–865,,, 2020
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Wind tunnel tests with combined pitch and free-floating flap control: data-driven iterative feedforward controller tuning
Sachin T. Navalkar, Lars O. Bernhammer, Jurij Sodja, Edwin van Solingen, Gijs A. M. van Kuik, and Jan-Willem van Wingerden
Wind Energ. Sci., 1, 205–220,,, 2016
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Long-term research challenges in wind energy – a research agenda by the European Academy of Wind Energy
G. A. M. van Kuik, J. Peinke, R. Nijssen, D. Lekou, J. Mann, J. N. Sørensen, C. Ferreira, J. W. van Wingerden, D. Schlipf, P. Gebraad, H. Polinder, A. Abrahamsen, G. J. W. van Bussel, J. D. Sørensen, P. Tavner, C. L. Bottasso, M. Muskulus, D. Matha, H. J. Lindeboom, S. Degraer, O. Kramer, S. Lehnhoff, M. Sonnenschein, P. E. Sørensen, R. W. Künneke, P. E. Morthorst, and K. Skytte
Wind Energ. Sci., 1, 1–39,,, 2016

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Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics
FLOW Estimation and Rose Superposition (FLOWERS): an integral approach to engineering wake models
Michael J. LoCascio, Christopher J. Bay, Majid Bastankhah, Garrett E. Barter, Paul A. Fleming, and Luis A. Martínez-Tossas
Wind Energ. Sci., 7, 1137–1151,,, 2022
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High-Reynolds-number investigations on the ability of the full-scale e-TellTale sensor to detect flow separation on a wind turbine blade section
Antoine Soulier, Caroline Braud, Dimitri Voisin, and Frédéric Danbon
Wind Energ. Sci., 7, 1043–1052,,, 2022
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Experimental investigation of mini Gurney flaps in combination with vortex generators for improved wind turbine blade performance
Jörg Alber, Marinos Manolesos, Guido Weinzierl-Dlugosch, Johannes Fischer, Alexander Schönmeier, Christian Navid Nayeri, Christian Oliver Paschereit, Joachim Twele, Jens Fortmann, Pier Francesco Melani, and Alessandro Bianchini
Wind Energ. Sci., 7, 943–965,,, 2022
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Parked and operating load analysis in the aerodynamic design of multi-megawatt-scale floating vertical-axis wind turbines
Mohammad Sadman Sakib and D. Todd Griffith
Wind Energ. Sci., 7, 677–696,,, 2022
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High-Reynolds-number wind turbine blade equipped with root spoilers – Part 1: Unsteady aerodynamic analysis using URANS simulations
Thomas Potentier, Emmanuel Guilmineau, Arthur Finez, Colin Le Bourdat, and Caroline Braud
Wind Energ. Sci., 7, 647–657,,, 2022
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Actuator disc theory is the basis of most rotor design methods. However, the off-design condition of a very low rotational speed Ω is still a topic for scientific discussions. A small modification in the momentum theory for Joukowsky discs with uniform circulation results in the efficiency going to 0 instead of ∞ when Ω goes to 0. For high values of Ω, the classical momentum theory is reproduced. The new theory is confirmed by a very good match with numerically obtained results.